Private Education


As parents we have a responsibility to offer our children the best education. A quality education that meets the needs of the globalized, changing and dynamic world in which we develop. In this way, for our children to achieve, in the future, successful professional development, we must give them the opportunity to access Private Education in Spain.


Special morning service

We offer a playroom service at the school from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. and include breakfast for students.


Bus service

The school has a bus service with different routes, depending on the origin of the Fenix School students.


Lunch service

The center will serve the dining room service from Monday to Friday and special diets will be catered for.


Textbooks and uniforms

Textbooks and uniforms are available at Fenix School beginning the first business day in September.


Fenix Summer Camp

Summer camp Fenix School Summer with computer classes, individual and team sports, recreational activities, excursions, dining room, heated pool, etc.


Fenix White Week Camp

In White Week there will be computer activities, individual and team sports, recreational activities, crafts, dining room, heated pool, etc.


Robotics classes

An education at the forefront of new technologies. It is much more than creating small robots, but encourages logical thinking, problem solving and teamwork.